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My Girlfriend From Turquoise Pond Requests My Help After My Millennium Seclusion

NovelMy Girlfriend From Turquoise Pond Requests My Help After My Millennium SeclusionMy Girlfriend From Turquoise Pond Requests My Help After My Millennium Seclusion
Chapter 262 – Brother, Will You Send Me Off? taboo elbow
Jiang Lan and also the other folks journeyed over to have a look, and they also pointed out that Ao Ye wasn’t unconscious.
Jiang Lan along with the others journeyed in excess of to take a look, and they observed that Ao Ye wasn’t unconscious.
Ao Longyu checked out Jiang Lan and long her fingers.
“Junior Sibling, do you consider I should bring in anything down?” Ao Longyu required Jiang Lan when they eventually left the Ninth Summit.
He seemed to be thinking about a thing.
The entrance established along with a strong aroma of alcohol consumption may very well be smelled.
Her voice was tranquil and lacked the liveliness of Xiao Yu.
But in Kunlun, Ao Ye appeared to be usually the one staying bullied.
Nonetheless, as he hit the entranceway, he suddenly observed ravings.
Xiao Yu stretched her back and awoke. She minimized her go and looked at Jiang Lan.
She withdrew her fretting hand.
Jiang Lan rose to his foot and stood beside Ao Longyu, activating his Loneliness spell.
Her Junior Brother looked sooth as usual.
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Each morning, Xiao Yu stretched her system.
“This is practically horse p.i.s.s and pet dog s.h.i.+t.”
Ao Longyu viewed Jiang Lan and lengthy her hand.
He failed to rest. He did not have this routine.
Hong Ya was helping to clear.
The starry sky appeared to be so shut.
“Brother, brother?” Ao Ye’s eyeballs glazed around because he considered Jiang Lan with sorrow.
Ao Longyu nodded slightly.
His sister’s care and attention was more vital.
At this time, he was positioning the wood made sword in his fretting hand and augmenting it together with his Dragon Slaying Sword’s Sword Intention.
“Kneeling right down to pay values to my elder sister is definitely not disgraceful.” Ao Guy appeared to be indifferent.
Ao Longyu predetermined and put into practice Jiang Lan across the 9th Summit.
He appeared to be concered about anything.
He was on the run for several years. What was he afraid of?
She appeared to have often heard from it just before.
She withdrew her fretting hand.
“Where’s Granddad Ao Ye?” inquired Ao Longyu.
“The solid wood sword.” Ao Longyu described.
She did actually have heard than it just before.
“In another three century, you will possess came into the sect for six 100 years, right?”
He would need to take care of the whole 9th Summit in the future.
“It shouldn’t be essential,” Jiang Lan mentioned softly.
As long as his sister was all over, he might be secure in Kunlun.
Which had been not sufficiently strong enough.
Jiang Lan was taken aback. Just how long acquired it been since he last appeared up in the stars?
Dong dong!
“You came to mail me off of? Wondering returning to the period once we drank horse p.i.s.s and ate dog s.h.i.+t together with each other, it believed like it was only the other day. ”
He failed to respond to this, but made his head to the sky.
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Then she reported generously.

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