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Let Me Game in Peace

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Chapter 1323 – Lucky Dodge cute suck
I have to get some more fortunate gear to give it a shot. Possibly I could really dodge the Calamity-quality bullets with 100% assurance.
Zhou Wen didn’t switch. He obtained are available purely to play with it. Even if he was photo to fatality, he possessed no goal of shifting.
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Zhou Wen was somewhat surprised by the Mortal Friend Monster. This is since the Mate Monster didn’t take a Chance stat. When it comes to why it was directed through as a Good fortune Mate Beast, Zhou Wen guessed so it possessed something related to its ability.
Numerous bullets taken in excess of, but not one of them success Zhou Wen. All of them automatically deviated using their trajectories.
Of course, it is essential was the Incredible Robe. It had a exclusive Fortunate Avoid ability. On condition that the Chance stat performed, it may possibly dodge problems which were originally impossible to avoid.
Zhou Wen felt as though he possessed enjoyed a Ginseng Fruits because he noticed so secure.
Without the need of maintaining the exam, Zhou Wen killed the Wonderful Challenge G.o.ds one after the other. He desired to see if the Perfect Robe could dodge the Calamity-grade bullets.
The Privileged Stone Sprite’s Companion Variety was a bracelet, the Privileged Clover King was obviously a diamond ring, plus the Epic and Impressive Partner Beasts ended up myriad in general. Zhou Wen have some estimations. In addition to two Friend Beasts that conflicted with the Friend Beasts he were forced to use, there is the one which didn’t possess a Associate Beast form. The others could be utilized together.
This Loss Harbinger Crow turns out to be unusual. It’s plainly a small-point Mortal Partner Beast and doesn’t possess Evolvable stat, nevertheless it actually has all of its statistics at 11. This is really scarce.
Zhou Wen calmed down and imagined meticulously. He could dodge the very first two images and the 3 rd shot was about the same toughness because the first two photographs. He believed that since the next taken wasn’t the positive-wipe out 7th, the reason why he couldn’t dodge this photo was almost certainly while he didn’t plenty of good luck. When experiencing the Calamity-quality being, his Lucky Dodge wasn’t 100% effective.
Have you been kidding me? I could be attack by the third golf shot?
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Mate Develop: Wings
Quickness: 11
Companion Kind: Wings
He acquired even utilized the Woman Fortune Diamond necklace that Jing Daoxian experienced given him to get such an outcome. For just a moment, he didn’t know where he might get lucky Partner Beasts.
When it comes to two Popular Mate Beasts, people were both +1 Fortune.
Let Me Game in Peace
On watchful contrast, Zhou Wen understood that Hui Haifeng must have made a error as he ordered it. The Death Harbinger Crow Friend Egg was much like the Fortuitous Magpie’s. By simply considering its appearance, it was actually the same. He had probably taken wrongly the Passing away Harbinger for doing this.
Zhou Wen dodged more than a hundred bullets without having to be reach.
As for whether the person who offered the Companion Egg to Hui Haifeng really didn’t know or was executing it on intent, that wasn’t some thing Zhou Wen could know.
The alarm system blared as Zhou Wen believed somewhat stressed. He neglected to take action with time in the event the gunshot rang.
Expertise Ability: Necrology
Zhou Wen was somewhat amazed at the Mortal Partner Monster. This is considering that the Friend Monster didn’t possess a Chance stat. As for why it was subsequently dispatched around being a Chance Mate Monster, Zhou Wen guessed so it had something to do with its skill.
With a gunshot, Zhou Wen spotted the bloodstream-tinted avatar’s top of your head explode as being the screen proceeded to go dark-colored.
Zhou Wen didn’t relocate. He possessed occur purely to play around. Even when he was picture to fatality, he obtained no intention of moving.
Zhou Wen calmed down and imagined carefully. He could avoid the primary two pictures as well as third taken was about the same sturdiness as the first couple of pictures. He noticed that ever since the 3rd taken wasn’t the absolutely sure-get rid of 7th, the reason he couldn’t dodge this taken was most likely while he didn’t have plenty of fortune. When struggling with the Calamity-level creature, his Successful Avoid wasn’t completely powerful.
Now, Zhou Wen could endure there without having moving. Merely the fluttering from the Heavenly Robe made it possible for every one of the bullets to miss him. Certainly, Divine Robe’s dodging expertise had been improved.
This Dying Harbinger Crow may be bizarre. It’s clearly a decreased-stage Mortal Mate Beast and doesn’t possess Evolvable stat, but it surely actually has all of its data at 11. This is really hard to find.
The Nameless Island
Zhou Wen casually killed the many Metal Guards and anxiously waited to the Golden Conflict G.o.d to show up.
Certainly, truly the only Mortal Companion Monster listed was Fortuitous Magpie, often known as the parrot that provided good news. It wasn’t the Loss Harbinger Crow.
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In terms of whether the one who distributed the Friend Egg cell to Hui Haifeng really didn’t know or was getting this done on objective, that wasn’t something Zhou Wen could know.
This Death Harbinger Crow is a bit weird. It’s clearly a minimal-point Mortal Friend Monster and doesn’t possess any Evolvable stat, but it actually has all of its statistics at 11. This is actually exceptional.
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Each Mythical Associate Beasts were actually the Privileged Jewel Sprite as well as Fortunate Clover Queen. Like the Infant Tiger, that they had a Good luck Life Providence, but they added additional Luck when compared to the Infant Tiger.

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