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Chapter 268 Nothing Is Impossible In The Cultivation World! onerous squirrel
“Yuan?” Meixiu brought up her eyebrows.
“Anyways, we can carry on this talk afterwards. Are you currently still dizzy? We won’t reach the Dragon Essence Temple by sunrise if you linger around for too much time.” Feng Yuxiang believed to her.
Several moments after, they arrived ahead of the teleportation gadget.
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This brought on people already in lines to frown, in particular since most of them were actually from somewhat significant young families, and also this was obviously a slap within the facial area in their eyes as they had to endure in collection like every person more.
“That’s ideal! Have you any idea who I am just?!”
The folks there elevated their eye-brows in the baffled manner.
“Yuan?” Meixiu heightened her eyebrows.
“Yes… Somewhat dizzy.”
The personnel proceeded to look at the big road map that has been pinned into a transportable table close by it got the area of each town from the Reduce Heavens that has a teleportation product.
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Feng Yuxiang nodded and stated, “Teleport us into the 1 nearest the Dragon Fact Temple.”
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Feng Yuxiang made to think about Meixiu and inquired her, “Do you want?”
“T-Appreciate it greatly, Esteemed Senior! Be sure to supply a second to arrange the teleportation device on your behalf.”
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“I… have zero reason to turn into a Cultivator,” Meixiu reported.
The 2 of them endured until the teleportation product a few events in the future, and when the personnel stimulated the device, they walked to the portal.
“Have you got a disadvantage in us planning primary?” Feng Yuxiang suddenly changed around and spoke, even delivering a little her Soul Grandmaster cultivation foundation.
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Yu Rou had explained to her about the trade charges for Cultivation On-line precious metal and genuine-lifestyle funds, and it also was approximately one rare metal for every seven us dollars. In this instance, 3,400,000 gold was truly worth at the very least 23,800,000 cash!
Feng Yuxiang switched to see Meixiu and asked her, “Are you prepared?”
“The Dragon Fact Temple, perfect? Supply a second to see the map…”
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“Anyways, you can carry on this chat after. Are you currently still dizzy? We won’t reach the Dragon Essence Temple by dawn when we stay around for too long.” Feng Yuxiang believed to her.
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“Yes… Just a little dizzy.”
Individuals there had been immensely shocked by Feng Yuxiang’s farming basic. Just where in the world performed this Spirit Grandmaster originated from? And how appear they don’t acknowledge her?
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“S-Mindset Grandmaster!”
“Prestigious Aging adults, simply because the Eastern Continent is very far off, we will only teleport you to three locations. Will you be excellent with the?” The person handling the teleportation equipment requested them.
“I… have no cause to turn into a Cultivator,” Meixiu mentioned.
‘3,400,000 rare metal!’ Meixiu was inwardly surprised when she noticed the astronomical degree of gold necessary to make use of the teleportation gadget.
“Alibi me! Arriving by!”
Feng Yuxiang nodded and mentioned, “That’s correct. The Small Master happens to be an remarkable existence having a infinite upcoming. I had only been with him for a couple of 2 or 3 weeks so i will only visualize how powerful he’ll improve at some point.”
“Remember to forgive us, Elderly Grandmaster!”
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The 2 main ones delivered on the surroundings shortly later on, and Feng Yuxiang persisted chatting with Meixiu like they were already associates as they soared inside the clouds. Probably it had been because of their identical qualifications as Yuan’s servant, but Feng Yuxiang uncovered Meixiu being an intriguing individual who was not the same as the regular human being.
The shield forcefully directed Feng Yuxiang and Meixiu through the audience that has been hanging around in brand because of their convert with the teleportation system.
The member of staff recognised the storage area pouch with pleasure before checking the soul stones within.
Yu Rou acquired told her concerning the trade prices for Farming Online rare metal and authentic-existence cash, and also it was about one particular gold bullion for every single seven $ $ $ $. In such cases, 3,400,000 rare metal was truly worth at the very least 23,800,000 bucks!
“Will you be fine?” Feng Yuxiang expected her.
“Yuan?” Meixiu increased her eye-brows.
“I… have no explanation to be a Cultivator,” Meixiu said.

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