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The Beautiful Wife Of The Whirlwind Marriage

NovelThe Beautiful Wife Of The Whirlwind MarriageThe Beautiful Wife Of The Whirlwind Marriage
Chapter 1324 – Can She Or Can She Not Do I wet enjoy
“What? Whatever you say is of no use. What an individual in the streets…”
1324 Can She Or Can She Not Do I
“Apprentices don’t get paid you recognize.”
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“You…. You are spouting nonsense. You have never as a result of funds. You ought to be lying to us. I never are convinced you. What confirmation have you got?”
Liulian saw how impressive and powerful Lin Che was, and she had not been scared of the gangsters at all. Failing to remember her own rank, she withstood up in an instant and shouted, “Hey, it’s all since you people lied if you ask me. Lay to me again and you will understand what I am competent at.”
“Apprentices do not get money you are aware of.”
“Does Black color Eagle number?”
1324 Can She Or Can She Not Should I
Lin Che folded away her arms. 300,000 yuan to the widespread male was actually a several years’ worth of salary.
“Ah, how hard.”
“d.a.m.n…. You.” Wu Liulian did not dare to say additional but stomped her ft . and looked at Su Fen.
When Su Fen heard about the 300,000 yuan, her mind almost burst open. How was she going to created that level?
Wu Liulian stammered, “I…. I wanted to be a legend. I actually have to get myself if I want to become a legend, proper? And So I invested…. If there’s an asset, 300,000 yuan is certainly not, I guess.”
“Black Eagle yeah, do not tell me you do not know who’s Dark Eagle?”
“Hey, you must returning the 300,000 yuan. That’s everything you are obligated to pay.”
One of them planned to seize another person but was pinned straight down on a lawn through the security guard instantly.
When Su Fen heard about the 300,000 yuan, her head almost burst. How was she about to come forth with that volume?
“What?” Wu Liulian explained. “If I do not be a celebrity, how am I gonna receive very much money in a quick time? Even when I function, I only get yourself a couple of thousand 30 days. I am never going to remove the debt even during a very long time.”
“Investing in your own self isn’t improper but you have received to make it work inside of your suggests. Whenever you can gain a whole lot cash, then use it to pay by all means. However, when you can not tackle the burden, therefore you still apply it for investment, then aren’t you searching for fatality?”
The thugs searched on. That they had already discussed it. What were definitely they planning to do? They were not about to take their funds receiving came back little by little.
Just then, Wu Liulian idea of one thing and immediately proposed, “How about I just work at your business and remove the debts? Am I Able To?”
“It’s such as this. We provide you with food and accommodations, but no fork out. Unless you arise to secure a job or job somewhere else.” Lin Che reported factually.
Su Fen got stressed when she listened to them. What should she do as long as they failed to agree?
“Does Black colored Eagle matter?”
Lin Che looked over Wu Liulian. “If you need to pay 300,000 yuan, you ought to send it back.”

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